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Fjordhagen’s purpose is to create an arena for teaching, use and management of fjord resources in an urban context.

It will welcome students and provide a setting to teach about urban agriculture, urban aquaculture, and the interaction between them.

Outside of school hours, in the afternoons and weekends, Fjordhagen will be open to everyone.

Longer-term we envision Fjordhagen consisting of several floating modules that support each other. As well as a classroom and a greenhouse, other modules will support marine biology and outdoor life.

In the future it is hoped that Fjordhagen will also be a hub for micro-scale cultivation and farming of kelp and mussels in various places in the fjord. By growing seafood just below the greenhouse, the marine environment of the fjord can be repaired.

Fjordhagen is a collaborative project between the Greenland Floating Urban Farmers’ Association, the Marine Repairers, the Education Agency in Oslo, Herslebs Videreg√•ende Skole, Oslo Municipality Environmental Capital, the Savings Bank Foundation, the Urban Environment Agency and the Port of Oslo.